A Simple A-z On Rudimentary Lunches Systems

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Chocolate Dark chocolate , along with all of its health benefits , ishere to stay. The majority of winners in this sweet category featured a high cocoa percentage, usually around 70 percent or above. Treats like Charm School Chocolate's 70% Dark Belize or Creo Chocolate's Minty Dark 73% are the perfect indulgence. Coffee Although many regions in the world producecoffee, Ethiopia wasthe dominating winner for this category. The key to Ethiopian coffee's popularity is its diversity. Due to the type of coffee and how it's processedflavors can range from sweet and fruity, like in Kickapoo Coffee Roasters' Organic Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Charbanta,to delicate and floral flavors in coffees similar to Red Rooster Coffee Roaster's Washed Hambela. Confections Probably the last thing that comes to mind when thinking of sweets is "veggies." But that's just what several winners in the confections category contained. Batch PDX hadtwo unique winners with their Candy Cap Mushroom Truffle andGhost Pepper Truffle. They weren't the only ones to shake up the category though, Theo Chocolate also contributed a game changer with their Walla Walla Sweet Onion Caramel. Pickles & Preserves These two categories, pickles and preserves, had a common theme amongst them: sweet and savory. We all know that savory jams are on the rise, but several winners haveproved that this trend is here to stay.