Recognising Down-to-earth Plans In Appetizers

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The biggest offender in PlateIQs data was a particular meat-laden pizza (which PlateIQ dubbed the Cowabunga Dude) at one undisclosed eatery, which carried a whopping ingredient markup of 636%. But other pizza toppings also had hefty markups, and even guacamole carries a 285% premium. (No wonder Americans spend more at restaurants than they do at grocery stores ,) Here are five popular ingredients youre paying significantly more for, according to PlateIQ. Meat What you pay: $2.00 Markup: 285% Before you get too indignant, though, remember that you pay restaurants for a full dining experiencenot just for sustenance. Out of restaurant revenues, on average, 30% goes toward labor costs, 30% toward general overhead and 30-33% toward ingredients, according to PlateIQ. What it takes to make a successful restaurant is a very tough formulato get it all to work together and make a profit, said Matt Hawkins, a growth advisor for PlateIQ. When restaurants are pricing out dishes, the majority of the cost there is really made around that experience. Despite the ingredient markups, restaurants still have relatively low profit margins, ranging from 3% to 5%, Hawkins says. Related article: 10 things Americans have suddenly stopped buying The study also found one surprising way patrons can get more bang for their buck: eating at upscale restaurants. Although the total cost of the meal will be higher, the restaurant is paying for higher-quality ingredients on average, so the percentage markup is lower.